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"one of the biggest 'bi-products' of growth ... are the challenging moments of pivoting!" - Dr. Michelle S. Thomas

When Dr. michelle forst began this mission of helping women of color entrepreneurs, she knew that the road into success would be met with challlenges. setbacks, restructuring, and rebuilding. what she was not "prepared" for was the level of "disconnection" amongst this major group of entrepreneurs! as an advid researcher she dedicated 2 years of her time to dig deeper into the "why" this debilitating undercurrent  was so prominant amongst this particular group of entrepreneurs. what she found was not only heartbreaking... but completely unacceptable within this vital time of global transformation. she has now registered her literary findings with the library of congress. this historical project will be released to the public August 1, 2024. Pre-Order your copy here

based on her findings dr. michelle recognizes that the need for more "cross pollinated" community-focused programs is at a critical state in today's times. if we all do not begin to work within a more synergized eco-system, we will find that success for the small business owner/ entrepreneur will eventually become obsolete!

yes, the global economy as we know today is a direct result of the "entrepreneurial spirit!" however, unlike the historical pathways of centuries of our small business owners of the past, today's "entrepreneur" face a bigger and more powerful eradicator that has never been expereinced before ... the global technology wave!

technological advances are necessary and great for our continual advancement, but we must also be concious of how small business owners, especially those of underserved communities, are receiving equal benefits from this direction or are being "absorbed" and drowned within this tsunamic approach.

whereever you operate your business... creates an extention of your community! we are looking to partner with community established agencies, government programs, and business owners that understand the needs of the bipoc community of entreprneurs. we need your help with ensuring that all communities are receiving ethically responsible trainings, resources, and funding support desperatly needed for continual development. sponsoring these types of programs will come in various forms. if you are able to:

  • host a training
  • sponsor a camp
  • share entrepreneurial related resources
  • volunteer your expertise
  • provide financial resources

please complete this form. once received someone from your sponsorship catagory(ies) will connect with you soon with additional details. 

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community-based core trainings

we all agree that this technological shift is happening and will become a "mainstay" within our continual business operations. now, whether it will sustain this level of outpout still has to be seen. For right now we need a process that will continue to foster the entreprneurial spirit and access pathway, so that the next generation of mark cuban, jeff bezos, oprah winfrey will have the freedom to create new success stories! 

Dr. Michelle S. Thomas

Thank you in advance,

Founder/ceo of

the exceptional woman enterprise