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opening doors & creating opportunities for ALL Women

The EXCEPTIONAL Woman Tour is a bi-annual global event with a mission of connecting women from all 195 countries into a like-minded initiative of driving change, elevation, and positive impact for women of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and financial status. 

TEWT’s visionary, Michelle S. Thomas recognized that there was a MISSING ELEMENT that she could address through her experience as an International Speaker and successful Business Owner. That CRITICAL ELEMENT was the “Now What?!” aftereffect often felt by attendees, participants, and sponsors of most women’s summits. The EXCEPTIONAL Woman Tour was built to provide the necessary SOLUTION! We support our global audience by implementing continual avenues of measurable result-driven systems. The first systematic execution is the consistency of our events. Our bi-annual global events focus on the two major hurdles most women commonly struggle with, their INNER GROWTH and their PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS. 


Every March, during Women’s History Month, we focus on building and rebuilding the INNER Woman by bringing together some of the world’s most powerful speakers. 


next, You will have the opportunity to connect with, learn from and network with like-minded professionals that truly understand what it means to be a WOMAN IN BUSINESS!


the change makers gala is a yearly charity event presented by tewt with a focus on advocacy for children & women

creating Access and chances that provide sustainable positive change and growth for generations to come! 

Now to the solution for the “Now What?” question. The EXCEPTIONAL Woman Tour has developed to keep our audience progressing throughout the entire year. We have built a Global Business Platform that all of our participants can access On-Demand. This platform keeps every driven while providing essential courses, webinars, seminars, personal and professional services necessary to sustain that ELATED feeling achieved during our events. Not only does this platform provide accountability and solutions, but it is MARKETPLACE where women owned business, no matter the stage, can share and offer their products and services to JUMPSTART their financial goals. 

Our goal is to open doors and opportunities for ALL Women.

Every March, during Women’s History Month, we focus on building and rebuilding the INNER Woman by bringing together some of the world’s most powerful speakers. Speakers that understand that changes cannot take place before CHALLENGES. We educate our audience on the challenges, initiatives and solutions that directly affect the overall emotional, mental, and physical well-being of women around the globe.

Our August conference has a focal point of the elements that professionally impact our women across the globe. We provide more than just talk. We partner with businesses, schools, and governments around the world that are driven to elevate, educate, and improve the professional development of all women. Women are able to walk away from both events with reliable, realistic, and achievable change-driven tools to begin their GROWTH, both inner and professionally, thus taking care of the WHOLE WOMAN!

She serves individuals and businesses by precisely pinpointing what is “infecting” their ability to achieve PEACE, PROSPERITY and PROFITABILITY while placing them on a permanent path of success!

Michelle often refers to her life as an UNFRAMEABLE DEGREE, as she has leveraged her years of collective first-hand experiences to become the reputable author, motivational speaker, and coach she is today. Whether she is public speaking, performing as a conference Keynote speaker, conducting online courses, or offering personal or professional coaching services, Michelle approaches every situation with empathy and offers vetted, executable solutions that were formed from real life experiences rather than in textbooks. This mindful deviation is what has led to Michelle’s impressive track record since the beginning of her career.

Michelle S. Thomas, Your business Surgeon is an 11X Internationally Best-Selling Author, Certified Life/ Relationship/Business Coach, Motivational speaker, and Multiple minority business owner. 

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The Exceptional Woman Enterprise umbrella consists of the World RENOWNED The EXCEPTIONAL Woman Tour, The Exceptional Woman Network, The Exceptional Women's Academy, and The Exceptional Woman Research & Development Center

From her publications, speaking engagements to her coaching services, she has a genuine ardency for her career and demonstrates that by delivering powerful support and pinpointed guidance that enables her clients to build a life of peace, profitability, and ultimate happiness. This, in conjunction with her reputation for providing realistic solutions to real problems and dedication towards optimizing the human experience, has all positioned Michelle to become a respected expert who is committed to helping her clients conquer roadblocks and unlock their fullest potential so they can thrive across every aspect of their lives. 


She is the proud FOUNDER/ CEO of The Exceptional Woman Enterprise to further her passion for initiating REAL CHANGE for women across the GLOBE. 

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