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I am the proud FOUNDER/CEO of The Exceptional Woman Enterprise! I created The Exceptional Woman Tour Events Division to empower entrepreneurs locally, nationally and globally! Each year we travel to different states, regions, and countries to build upon our enriched culture of trainings, support, and access for our members. Our goal is to have an ECO-SYSTEM that is as diverse and welcoming as our world today! 

Join us at our events and experience what it means to be an EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN! Each event promises to bring relevant tools and resources that YOU need to build your PROFIBLE LEGACY delivered with our unique expertise! Don't miss an opportunity, secure your passes in prosperity TODAY!

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designed specifically for WOMEN by WOMEN

The EXCEPTIONAL Woman Tour Conferences are a collection of annual experiences that utilizes a DATA-DRIVEN approach to give women from around the globe the POWER to “UNLOCK” Key Components necessary to grow their personal and professional careers.

This exclusive lineup of events has been designed specifically for WOMEN by WOMEN to address the global practices that directly affect  women within all stages of their personal and professional development.  You will have the opportunity to connect with, learn from and network with like-minded professionals that truly understand what it means to be a WOMAN IN TODAY'S WORLD! To be in attendance of an EXCEPTIONAL Woman event, gives you the confidence to KNOW that YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL!


Virtual Conferences

Lights of legacy

The exceptional escape

Business Conferences

Black Tie Gala & Benefit Dinner


february 2024 - lights of legacy
March 2024 - Virtual Conference
june 2024 - the exceptional escape
august 2024 - Business conference
December 2024 - black tie affair gala


legacy events, conferences, international retreats, networking events
& workshops specifically designed to address what impacts us as women daily

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the exceptional woman tour
dallas, tx
august 1-2, 2024